Do people often remark on your tall frame and fair skin? Does your name end in “-ma” or “-ga,” and is it routinely butchered? Do your grandparents have a fondness for red lilies and black horses? Does a dormant cinder of your blood ignite at the mention of Roman conquests and Charles Martel? If so, you may be Frisian, a people with its own language, its own culture, and its own proud history.

But despite its contributions, almost nobody outside Northern Europe has heard of Frisia. When I tell my friends where my ancestors are from, I either get a raised eyebrow and blank eyes, or some vague comment about pretty horses.

That’s what we're here to fix.

At the risk of waving our own flag, The Frisian represents one of the most complete collections of Frisian history, language, and culture written specifically for English-speakers. To get most of this info somewhere else, you either have to sift through articles that were apparently written by pasting Dutch paragraphs into “Google translate,” or else learn how to read Dutch.

So in the spirit of Frisian hospitality, please consider this site your home. Comment on your experience with Frisian culture. Order a t-shirt from our store. Learn how to ask a Frisian girl on a date. As Charlemagne said, “Eala fria Fresna!’”